Watch sessions from Jazz Congress 2018

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Jazz and Race: A Conversation

We’ve all heard commentators and pundits through the years claim that what the United States needs is “an honest conversation about race.” Racial identity and issues, including segregation, integration, and appropriation, pervade the history of jazz.  As a metaphor for democracy, and given the music’s core values of swing, improvisation, and the blues, what is the role of jazz in this important discussion?  
Moderator: Andre Guess
Speakers: Ethan Iverson, Wynton Marsalis

Gender and Jazz

With sexism, harassment and gender bias in the news, it’s time for the jazz community to face and reconcile its own performance and history in that area and come up with realistic solutions for the music and the business.
Moderator: Michele Mercer (NPR)
Panelists:  Terri Lyne Carrington (Berklee College of Music), Ingrid Jensen, John Murph, Ellen Seeling (Montclair Big Band)

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Welcome: Wynton Marsalis
Remarks: Adam Rose
Introduction: Mario Garcia Durham (APAP)
Keynote Presentation: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Bruce Lundvall Visionary Award introduction: Peter Gordon
Bruce Lundvall Visionary Award presented to Terri Lyne Carrington
In Memoriam presentation with music by Ike Sturm (Saint Peter’s Church)

Learning from Large Jazz Organizations
Leaders from a few of the major jazz organizations talk about what smaller organizations and even artists can learn from their programs and experiences.
Moderator: Debora Spar (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)
Panelists: Gene Dobbs Bradford (Jazz St. Louis), Randall Kline (SFJAZZ), Amy Niles (WBGO), Greg Scholl (Jazz at Lincoln Center)

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Jazz Vocalists and Repertoire
Singers share their insight on the fine art of developing repertoire—from balancing the GASB with contemporary material to doing covers vs. originals.
Moderator: Deborah Grace Winer
Panelists: Ann Hampton Callaway, Jazzmeia Horn, John Pizzarelli, Ted Rosenthal, Catherine Russell

What Does New Orleans Mean Today?
The storied music culture of New Orleans has long defined the city's identity and represented essential jazz history. As New Orleans marks its tricentennial, how does this culture resonate in its quickly changing hometown and for the wider jazz community? 
Moderator: Larry Blumenfeld (Wall Street Journal)
Panelists: Terence Blanchard, Evan Christopher, Sasha Masakowski

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Jazz, Politics, and Activism: Tying the Theoretical to the Practical
Artists, industry professionals and social activists talk about how jazz can affect political awareness and action in the current political climate and culture. 
Moderator: Karen Kennedy (24 Seven Artist Management)
Panelists: Terri Lyne Carrington, Aaron Goldberg, Wesley Watkins (Jazz and Democracy Project), Wayne Winborne (Rutgers University)

Building Partnerships in Secondary Markets
A discussion of how presenters can work together in their respective markets to create effective partnership and increase the audience and present for jazz.
Moderator: Tim Jackson (Monterey Jazz Festival)
Panelists: John Gilbreath (Earshot Jazz), Fritz Thom (Vienna Jazz Festival/IJFO), Shannon Wallace (JazzHubs)

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Legends of Piano Round Table
A lively conversation with a few masters of jazz piano.
Moderator: Ethan Iverson
Panelists: Kenny Barron, Joanne Brackeen, Harold Mabern

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Why Performance Matters: Stagecraft Masterclass
Why is putting on a good show important?  Your artistic skills and musical technique are vital to making it onto the stage and building your audiences, however, a successful artist also cultivates the emotional intelligence inherent in the skill of stagecraft. Bandleaders, vocalists, and their sidemen will offer advice, best practices, and guidance on building a setlist, developing banter, and considering the ever-shortening attention span of the modern audience.
Moderator: Jason Olaine (Jazz at Lincoln Center)
Panelists: Darlene Chan, Tedd Firth, Paquito D’Rivera, Marilyn Maye, Riley Mulherkar

Cultural Considerations in Presenting Jazz
An exploration of the manner in which presenters engage with communities and organizations
that are not traditionally part of the jazz audience.
Moderator: Gail Boyd (Gail Boyd Artist Management)
Panelists: Sheila Evans (Allentown Symphony), Kaisha Johnson (Women of Color in the Arts), Michael Kline (Exit Zero Jazz Festival), Randy Vogel (Mesa Arts Center)